Saturday, September 17, 2011

So its been a freakeydeakey long time...

And the point of this is to say I won't be on for a while longer. Working on a project separate from this. For those of you that know what an ARG is, I'm planning on making one, some murder mystery/serial killer/psycho/possibly paranormal thing. So yeah. It'll happen. But I want to get it all done at once, so its not a release a new clue everyonce in a while thing, I want it all live, all linked, and all at once. Which means that once I get it done, you can either figure it out all at once if you work hellishly hard for a while, or if you take a more leisurely pace, I want it to take about two weeks of a couple hours per day to finish. But I am going to work into it timed drops for info, meaning that according to when you try to access stuff it may or may not be available... but that'll all figure in later. Anyways, I would love help from anyone who wants to help - Melissa, if you're reading this, you should poke Kurt and tell him to think about this. Because I'm sure he would have interesting ideas.

And one last thing, it would be in the past. I'mma be making up a full town/city for this, so that we can have library sites with old reels and all of that sorta stuff. I just wanna get a sense of time in it, although that'll be difficult given that if anyone digs into a page source they'll find out how truly recent it is... Which is a dead giveaway. Thats actually how I find out if I'm on the right track with the ARG's I play... Anyways, thats all!